Special Offers

    Model : LaPavoni, Espresso Coffee MC, Coffee Grinder

    What is the quickest way to improve the quality of your coffee or espresso-based beverage? It's the use of a quality coffee grinder to grind your coffee "fresh" immediately prior to use.

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    Special Offers

    Model SP-500A / SP-502A, SP-800A, SP-A80HI / SP-B80HI, SMJ-401,201,M70

    Planetary mixing action is based on commercial mixers, where the attachments rotate whilst travelling around the bowl, reaching all areas, for thorough mixing.

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    Electric and Gas Deck Oven

    Models : Rotary Rack Oven, SMD-603F, SMD-705, Humidifier, Proofer

    We are engaged in offering an extensive range of Deck Electric Oven that has self controlled heating system for uniform heating and saving energy.

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    Model : SMG-520

    The Most Versatile Tabletop Sheeter in the Industry

    Dough sheeters and dough sheeter are single pass machines. They utilize two rollers and are used primarily to make rectangular sheets of dough.

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>> Rack conveyor dishwashers


The HT-HTP  series consists of 5 rack transport machines with high production output combined with to the necessary energy saving devices. It represents the ideal solution for catering.

HT- HTP series features:
• Hourly production: from 70 racks (1260 plates) up to 220 racks (3960 plates)
• Electric or steam heating
• Completely automatic functioning
• Sturdy machines, with AISI 304 satin finish stainless steel structure, load bearing frame with height adjustable feet
• Central pawl bar for rack transport
• Command panel protected against water intrusion
• Temperature control by means of front thermometers located on the machine’s lower panel
• Porportional rinse system HPRS standard on all mod. HTP - optional on mod. HT to adapt the necessary quantity of risne water  to the speed of rack driving
• Wide access conterbalanced doors for easy daily cleaning of the interior
• Easily removable wash and rinse arms
• Tank filter in stainless steel covering the whole surface of the tank
• Door micro switch interrupts machine functions when door is opened
• On request: double wall with thermal-acoustic insulation and counterbalanced doors

>> Glasswashers and dishwashers


The C E series, with its models of glass washers and dishwashers, allows excellent performances with outputs of up to 1500 glasses or 500 plates per hour. Ideal for bars and restaurants.

C E Series Features:
• Self-supporting construction made of stainless 18/10 (AISI 304) steel with fine satin finish, granting sturdiness and durability
• High load capacity with door clearances ranging from 235 mm to 280 mm for glasswashers, and up to 330 mm for dishwashers
• Rack sizes = from 350 x 350 mm up to 500 x 500 mm
• All glasswashers with fixed racks can be fitted with round racks without structural changes
• Cycle duration 2-3-4 min. (except for C 35 E and CR43 – 1 cycle 2 min.)
• Guaranteed wash and rinse temperatures= tank 55°C, boiler 85°C
• Twin filters in the tank, easy to remove
• Magnetic safety microswitch stops the cycle at any stage as soon as the doors is opened
• Built-in rinse additive dispenser supplied as standard
• Built-in water softener on "D" models
• Detergent dispenser and drain pump available upon request

>> Pass-through dishwashers

CAP 10-12 E

The series consists of 4 CAP models of pass-through dishwasher  able to wash from 550 to 1200 plates per hour.  Sturdy , ergonomic and reliable machines, designed  to guarantee maximum hygiene in all washing phases.

CAP features:
• Self-supporting structure  in stainless steel  fine satin finish
• Possibility of corner installation or online and integrated with tables and sinks
• Completely rounded double wall tank
• Washing area 500 x 500 mm height 380 mm for the CAP 7 -  height 420 mm for CAP 10 -12 and height 540 mm for the CAP 15
• Electronic control with 4 selectable cycles (except CAP 7 E  with electronic timer at  3 times of washing)
• All  programming operations  are executed through the external keyboard and display
• CAP 10 - 12 and 15 available with Break Tank System to ensure a constant temperature and pressure rinse phase
• Microswitch to stop the cycle in case of  accidental opening of the door
• Rinse aid dispenser supplied as standard
• Insulation is available on request