Special Offers

    Model : LaPavoni, Espresso Coffee MC, Coffee Grinder

    What is the quickest way to improve the quality of your coffee or espresso-based beverage? It's the use of a quality coffee grinder to grind your coffee "fresh" immediately prior to use.

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    Special Offers

    Model SP-500A / SP-502A, SP-800A, SP-A80HI / SP-B80HI, SMJ-401,201,M70

    Planetary mixing action is based on commercial mixers, where the attachments rotate whilst travelling around the bowl, reaching all areas, for thorough mixing.

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    Electric and Gas Deck Oven

    Models : Rotary Rack Oven, SMD-603F, SMD-705, Humidifier, Proofer

    We are engaged in offering an extensive range of Deck Electric Oven that has self controlled heating system for uniform heating and saving energy.

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    Model : SMG-520

    The Most Versatile Tabletop Sheeter in the Industry

    Dough sheeters and dough sheeter are single pass machines. They utilize two rollers and are used primarily to make rectangular sheets of dough.

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Planetary Mixer

Capacity(L):20 \ 30 \ 40 \ 50 \ 60 \ 80
Power(kw):0.37 \ 0.75 \ 0.975 \ 1.12 \ 1.5 \ 2.25
Weight(kg):83 \ 150 \ 162 \ 217 \ 334 \ 364
Dimension (mm):Refer to the figure

Planetary Mixer

We are offering a wider range ofPlanetary Mixer which is an ideal mixer for the products of different viscosities, densities, shapes & proportions. We process these mixers using high quality raw material which we acquire from reputed vendors of market. These mixers find wide application in bakeries and food industries. These are highly durable and are available in many sizes and designs. Clients can avail from us these products at market leading prices.


-Easy installation
-Easy to operate
-Resistance to corrosion
-Better efficiency
-Competitive price etc.

The drive is connected to the beaters through a set of a Sun and Planetary gears. The planetary motion is imparted for mixing / blending solid-solid, liquid-solid & liquid-liquid products......


Model Capacity(L) Voltage(V) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
SMJ-M70 6.5 220 0.12 15 400*250*450

Basic Features

Cylindrical with welded bottom dish and flanged top dish. It is provided with 3 castor wheels for moving necessary nozzles are provided on top dish and vessel. Top dish is attached to drive mounting plates so as to lift and move down by means of column and lifting arrangement. Depend upon process conditions & product characteristics and batch size, vessel can be designed.

Agitator Assembly
It consists off one or two beaters, either open paddle type or closed type, with scrapper or without it. The beaters are attached to planetary gears which are driven by motor-gearbox combination.

Drive - it includes a motor v-belted to a worm reduction gearbox and spur-geared to planetary gears. Total drive is mounted on two arms of a column so as to move up and down over it.

Lifting mechanism- It is mechanical type with a lead screw and a guide-bar with a sleeve to move vertically up and down a column mounted on a stool. The sleeve is mounted with drive load. There will be a motor and gearbox combination for operating.

Modification/ variation / types available :
Depending on product/process conditions, following types are available-

Product that can be blended- Pharma bulk drug powders / wet mass, resins and compounds , ointments creams, pastes, ink, adhesives, rubber compounds.


Model Capacity(L) Voltage(V) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimension(mm)
SMJ-201 20 380 0.37 83 520*530*830
SMJ-301 30 380 0.75 150 620*620*1020
SMJ-401 40 380 0.975 162 620*640*1070
SMJ-501 50 380 1.12 217 680*680*1180
SMJ-601 60 380 1.5 334 660*840*1350
SMJ-801 80 380 2.25 364 670*880*1450