Special Offers

    Model : LaPavoni, Espresso Coffee MC, Coffee Grinder

    What is the quickest way to improve the quality of your coffee or espresso-based beverage? It's the use of a quality coffee grinder to grind your coffee "fresh" immediately prior to use.

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    Special Offers

    Model SP-500A / SP-502A, SP-800A, SP-A80HI / SP-B80HI, SMJ-401,201,M70

    Planetary mixing action is based on commercial mixers, where the attachments rotate whilst travelling around the bowl, reaching all areas, for thorough mixing.

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    Electric and Gas Deck Oven

    Models : Rotary Rack Oven, SMD-603F, SMD-705, Humidifier, Proofer

    We are engaged in offering an extensive range of Deck Electric Oven that has self controlled heating system for uniform heating and saving energy.

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    Model : SMG-520

    The Most Versatile Tabletop Sheeter in the Industry

    Dough sheeters and dough sheeter are single pass machines. They utilize two rollers and are used primarily to make rectangular sheets of dough.

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Electric Deck Oven

Product Name: Luxury electric furnace
Specifications: 380V 24KW
Product Dimensions:
Item: 1251473716

Electricity, gas open hearth

Product Name: Electricity, gas open hearth
Specifications: Three-nine, three twelve
Product Dimensions: 1770 * 1250 * 1740
Item: 82513353816
Price: Negotiable

Hot air rotary furnace (rotary rack oven)

Product Name: Hot air rotary furnace (rotary rack oven)
Specifications: 380V 47KW 30 roast amount (40X60 pan)
Product Dimensions: 2180 * 1850 * 2500
Item: 82513302916
Price: Negotiable

Stove baked under awake (convection oven)

Product Name: Roasted on the stove under awake (convection oven)
Specifications: 380V 7KW 5 roast volume 16 Proofer (40X60 pan)
Product Dimensions: 810 * 1200 * 590 1080 * 810 * wake Box 940
Item: 82513255616